Going into the 2013-14’ NBA season, we all knew Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder had a realistic shot at contending for the NBA Championship, even with the absence of all-star point guard Russell Westbrook. But, for the first time since KD exploded onto the scene, he is playing the best basketball of his career, thus far. KD is putting up big numbers, but his dominance of the game seems to have elevated to another level, yet we can’t figure out why? In a recent interview after last night’s game with Atlanta, KD shared something with us that we never knew, “I’m just going out there giving it my all, not thinking about what I have to do. I’m just having fun.” It seems that for the first time in his professional career, Kevin Durant is playing unconscious to his surroundings, and it’s paying off big time! In KD’s last 13 games he’s averaging 37.8 points a game, shooting over 50% from the field, and 40% from 3. Not to mention, KD has recorded five 40point games, and remains 4 places behind Kobe for the longest active 30point game shooting-streaks.


So, what makes this Kevin Durant different from last year, or previous years? Well for starters, KD has had the luxury of playing with one of the most athletic point guards in the NBA, Russell Westbrook. Unfortunately, Westbrook has not been able to assist KD in his memorable hot streak this season due to injury, but normally Westbrook and KD dominate the basketball because they are two superstars on the same team. Although Westbrook is indeed a slasher & dasher who fly’s down the break for either a crisp pull-up, or a demoralizing dunk, he doesn’t possess the 30-foot air arsenal that Kevin Durant has.


For the first time, Kevin Durant has spread his wings to fly and is soaring over the competition. With the emergence of Paul George in Indiana, there is a new NBA debate: Who is the best contender for LeBron James and the Miami Heat? Well, despite the Indiana Pacers seated at the top of the Eastern Conference, many would now claim that PG is first in line to rival King James himself, but maybe we should hold on! It was Kevin Durant who led his team to the Western Conference finals, and the way he is shooting this year, there is NO ONE on planet earth who can stop him. Kevin Durant is undeniably the archrival to LeBron James, and in my opinion the front-runner for MVP! Not only is he shooting efficiently, he’s leading his team without the efforts of all-star guard Russell Westbrook, with hopes of meeting King James & Dwayne Wade in the finals, possibly for the last time. Let’s just sit and watch what happens, but one thing is for sure, Kevin Durant can do bad all by himself! 




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